Using Mists

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What makes our mists so special…

These products truly carry the love of Mother Earth and the love of our hearts. We add as much consciousness into the process as we can. The precious essential oils and purified waters used in all Triple Gem Mists are infused with crystal and sound vibrations with focused intentions for 3 things: Love, Light, Healing.
We include 3 gem chips inside each 2 oz. bottle. The gem combination is unique to each formula meant to amplify the “Love Light Healing” energy.

Our mists are handpoured in the sacred space of a healing center called Twin Lotus Center in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, California

We use only the highest quality, unique, and natural ingredients (local and organic when possible). Some of them are grown in our own gardens, and others are wildcrafted in a sacred manner.

Energetic Uses

  • Clear and Strengthen your auric field as needed during the day.
  • Consecrate your personal space before solitary spiritual work (meditating, yoga, prayer or chanting)
  • Use in ceremony or ritual in place of burning smudge to clear participants and the space.
  • Healers: Purify your space, self, and client before and after healing work.
  • Clear & renew the energy of your healing tools such as crystals, etc.
  • Use any where dense energy exists: hospitals, workplace, airplanes, funerals, etc.

So Many Practical Uses

  • Traveling! Our 2 oz. bottles fit in your carry-on. Mist before you get on the plane, and even during. Why breathe stale air? Healthy & Refreshing.
  • Keep by your computer for uplifting energy and to brighten your mind and spirit.
  • Feeling hot? Refresh yourself with a spritz of our sacred nature-scented waters. Divine.
  • First Aid - Bright Mind & Safety Shield are both wonderful first aid sprays. Top with Wild Child Healing Balm for double coverage.
  • Keep a bottle bedside & mist yourself before bed for restful sleep and sweet dreams. It lifts your cares away.
  • Mist your pillow cases before retiring for those romantic evenings.
  • Refresh your clothes when ironing or when getting dressed.
  • Spritz & fluff your dry hair for a delicate scent and healthy moisture.
  • Keep in the bathroom as an air freshener.

How to Apply

Before each application, make sure to shake the bottle well and listen to the 3 gems within the 2 oz. bottles adding a new charge of crystalline energy activation into the healing ingredients.

We suggest spritzing a minimum of 2 to 3 times above your head and allowing the gentle mist to drift down around your body. Inhale as you do so. Use your hands to pull down the energy mist around you.

Try pumping a few mists directly into one hand, inhale deeply, rub hands together and brush the body lightly.

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