About Us


 “It’s 12-12-12 and we just made our first batch of Triple Gem Mists!” Happy Creators: L-R: Antara Davis, Paula Hill, Laurie Lotus Miller.

Triple Gems officially began on the auspicious date of 12-12-12 in ceremony in the healing temple of Twin Lotus Center in Santa Cruz, California. It was founded by a trio of dedicated women (Antara Davis, Paula Hill and Lotus Miller) who create high quality, unique, natural products (local and organic when possible).

All our products are made with our own loving hands in small batches. We begin production by first creating sacred space in which to work and then blessing all our tools as well as the ingredients. After that, each line is unique and totally inspired by Mother Earth and our creative muses.

Antara is “Light” and resonates with the sunny Citrine gem of the Triple Gems. She is passionate about the healing power of aromatherapy. She says, “If we can bottle the freshness and magic of Mama Nature, and bring the medicine of the meadow flowers and the sparkle of crystals into your everyday world, then we’ve made the world a brighter place. Adding happiness and good healing intentions into the products in every way we can is just how we live all of our lives and we bring that into our creations quite naturally.” Antara has practiced the wise-woman ways of the earth, healing, and more for over 30 years and adds her graphic design skills to the creative mix.

Paula Hill is “Healing” and resonates with the green Aventurine stone of the Triple Gems. She is our resident alchemist and herbal genius with many years of healing experience and business in the health industry under her hand-woven belt. She’s an avid gardener and is very close with resident garden devas, cultivating special ingredients for some of our products. We are honored to have her supervise the actual pourings of our bottles and she makes sure we use the safest, most natural ingredients of the highest quality in all of our products from the most reputable sources. It’s because of her wisdom and meticulous research that we can offer the finest Triple Gem products to you.

Laurie Lotus Miller is “Love” and identifies with the soft pink Rose Quartz of the Triple Gems. She says all three of us personify Love, Light and Healing and the qualities of our special gemstones. Lotus lives her life with grace and unconditional love and adds the magic of ritual and vibrational healing to our products. Her focus on Spirit and understanding of crystals, gemstones, energy medicine, yoga and meditation bring a dimension of calm, balance and strength to our trio. A retired paralegal, she keeps us organized so we can provide consistency in all our products.


Selling at our booth at the Capitola Art & Wine Fest

Selling at our booth at the Capitola Art & Wine Fest